Seahaven's Celtic Commander of Hartenziel


Rookie  is a 7 year old Large Münsterländer. He is a huge character; the sweetest, most affectionate boy with the most fantastic outgoing, sociable and kind nature. He is my introduction into the wonderful world of münsters, and what an intro. He has turned his paw to gundog work, showing, obedience, blood tracking and working trials work so far and will give anything a go; an extremely versatile boy.

Rookie has a friendly and confident nature and is one of life's great optimists. He greets everyone like a long lost friend which has made him a great candidate for being a regular visitor of a local residential care home- something I have been hugely proud of with him.

Rookie has been lightly shown, and his results can be found hereHe has passed his good citizen bronze and silver awards.

At two years old, Rookie also made the transition into capable working gundog. He has worked on pheasants, partridge, ducks, pigeons and also picked the odd rabbit whilst out rough shooting.  I was a real newbie to the HPR world (well, the working gundog world even) when I started out with Rookie; I did my bit teaching steadiness and retrieve in my strange competitive obedience way, and the rest was up to his natural ability which I've been so impressed with. He is a strong hunter and I love watching him do what he was made to do. 

Above all of this, he is the best pet and family member I could have wished for and I feel so lucky to have him, his son, daughter and grandson to share my sofa with.

Rookie is the inspiration behind my kennel name, which translates to 'Heart and Soul'.

6 Months Old


The Large Münsterländer is tested for a few health conditions, especially if being bred from. These include hip and elbow scoring, HUU (hyperuricosuria) testing and annual eye tests for hereditary caratacts.

Rookie's's results are listed here:


Hips: 3/3=6

Elbows: 0/0=0

HUU: Clear

BHFD: Normal

Eyes: HC Unaffected

Rookie's Estimated Breeding Value for hips is very good (-22); below the breed average with a high degree of confidence (88%).


Rookie has produced two lovely litters of puppies that I'm very proud of.

I have a son and daughter of his who are as full of character and as sweet natured as he is.

Progeny Health Tests

Callixus Delphinius: Hips 3/4=7, Elbows 0, HUU Clear,  HC Unaffected July '18

Callixus Ursa of Hartenziel: Hips 0/0=0, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Feb '19

Callixus Gemini of Hartenziel: Hips 0/0=0, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Oct '17

Callixus Hercules: Hips 0/0=0, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Nov '18

Callixus Aquarius: Hips 2/2=2, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Aug '19

Callixus Athena For Mallingdown: Hips: 3/2=5, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected July '19


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