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Seahaven's Vornholt Legacy of Hartenziel



Buck is now 4 years old and is becoming just what he promised as a tiny pup. He has been lightly shown and is my favourite dog so far to train; the perfect balance of drive and a willingness to work with me. He is a great playmate to the others in the house, and is friendly and outgoing when out and about. He's a real sweetheart, and an absolute pleasure to own.


He is the best behaved and easiest dog I've ever had (a weird thing to say about a munster!), despite my lazy training, and he is happiness 'personified'; he never stops wagging.

Buck has ended up on the small side for the breed at approx 30kg, but he is a strong and healthy boy. His muscular build, toy drive and work ethic lend themselves quite well to sports so we are dabbling with bits of training to see what he enjoys most.

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