Seahaven's Vornholt Legacy

of Hartenziel

Buck is Drake's son from his first litter. He's a very sweet and laid back boy just like his dad. When it came to choosing another dog to add to the family this was high priority for me, to try to keep peace with the old grumpy collie and golden! I also prefer this laid back nature now that I have raised Drake who was so very easy; no shortage of drive to work but very thoughtful, biddable and straight-forward. I hope that Buck will follow along those same lines. He is an exciting puppy for me pedigree wise, so I can't wait to see how he develops.


He's slotted in with the rest of the dogs like he's always been here.

He's really enjoying his training and I hope that one day he will join his dad and grandad out working; he's been confident in water since 9 weeks and is happily retrieving cold game, but right now we are concentrating on having fun being a puppy and learning about life.

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Last Updated: 2nd January 2020