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Chiseled in Time Yuki Storm Corner (IMP POL)


Hips: 6/4=10

PRA (rcd4): Clear

NCL8: Clear

DM: Clear

KC/BVA Eyes: Unaffected


In 2022 we were very fortunate to import another super dog from Europe. Otter is proving to be such a happy and sweet soul, so loving with a very sunny and optimistic disposition. She was very well socialised by her wonderful breeder, so she arrived in the UK ready for anything! Mostly she is posing a significant risk to the environment with her butterfly hunting habits.....

All of my dogs live in the house together so temperament is always very important for me, and she has fitted in brilliantly with the others. Buck is her best playmate.

Otter has qualified for Crufts 2023 in the show ring and has shown beautifully (for a baby!) for me on the couple of occasions we have made it into the show ring. She is absolutely loving gundog training and is showing such potential. We hope that this year will bring more opportunities to dip our toes into different disciplines to see what else takes her fancy.

I am so enjoying her and look forward to all of our adventures together.



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