Callixus Ursa of Hartenziel


Father and Son

Drake is Rookie's son from his first litter with Bea. He was always the most laid back pup in the litter, and his relaxed disposition has carried on into adulthood; he is the easiest dog to live with and to have out and about at dog events. Such a sweet, sociable and biddable boy. He is not fazed by anything, bold and confident with a streak of goofiness; seemingly a heritable trait...

He has a beautifully calm, kind and sweet temperament and is so level-headed and biddable.


Rookie gave him the most wonderful welcome when he arrived; it was like Christmas morning to him and their relationship has been a joy to experience ever since; they are the best of friends. I feel so fortunate to have two such special boys raised so well by their breeders from day one, I could not have asked for more.

Drake is proving to be a very trainable dog with lots of potential, a natural tracking dog, and I couldn't be happier with his start in the show ring (click here for Drake's show results). Now 3 years old, Drake has become a valued, consistent working dog; he is a strong, keen hunter but with a natural steadiness that has made him very easy to train; he is equally happy sitting waiting to pick pigeons as working hard rough shooting.

A big, cuddly bear of a dog with a huge heart.


Drake with his dad

Above - Drake's first track - 6 months old

This track is on deer blood and was aged 2 hours

Below - Drake tracking at a year old

Drake tracking
At the start of a track
Deer tracking
Pleased with himself


Drake x Lyric 2019, with grandad Rookie
Grandad Rookie, dad Drake, Scout, Hattie
Drake on Point
Drake and Midas
Rookie, Drake and Midas
Rookie and Drake
Drake and Midas
Rookie and Drake
Drake 6 weeks old
Drake 8 weeks old






The Large Münsterländer is tested for a few health conditions, especially if being bred from. These include hip and elbow scoring, HUU (hyperuricosuria) testing and annual eye tests for hereditary caratacts.

Drake's results are listed here:


Hips: 0/0=0

Elbows: 0/0=0

HUU: Clear

BHFD: Normal

Eyes: HC Unaffected February 2020

Drake's Estimated Breeding Value for hips is excellent (-99); far below the breed average with a high degree of confidence (80%).

Pedigree HERE


Puppy News

Drake's litter to Ripley (Darkensky Nostromo) was born in May 2020. See more info here.

Drake's litter to Ebby (Crumpsbrook Rather Radiant) was born in September 2019. See more info on the litter page.


Drake's litter to Lyric (Seahaven Limited Edition) was born in May 2019. See more on the litter page.


Progeny Health Tests

Vonstrahlend  Kam Das Leben - Hips:3/2=5   Elbows:0   Eyes:HC Unaffected '20   HUU: Hereditary Clear

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