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Black Mystery U Got the Look for Hartenziel (IMP CHE)


Hips: 6/7=13

Elbows: 0/0=0

PRA (rcd4): Clear

HA: Clear

NCL8: Clear

DM: Clear

CA: Clear

Eyes: GPRA Unaffected August '23

 VCS Heart Test: Grade 0

Coat Colour: B/B

DNA Profiled


In September 2018 Midas came from Switzerland to the UK, following many years of me watching the breed and, more specifically, his wonderful breeders' kennel and thinking 'one day'. His results in the show ring have exceeded my expectations with class and group placings and he is reliable in the field and blood tracking. He loves shows, both being in the ring and socialising. He is also an expert puppy socialiser and loves nothing more than turning to a big black and tan puddle and being covered in puppies!


He's a lovely boy to live with; so comical, playful, laid-back and affectionate at home and thinks he's the perfect lap dog size too (he is not). Out and about he's a wonderfully confident, trustworthy and placid boy and loves other dogs and people.

Midas has qualified for Crufts 2024. He is extensively health tested with the kindest temperament.


I waited a long time for my Black Mystery boy and I am besotted; I couldn't want any more in a dog and I feel so lucky to share my life with him.

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