Callixus Gemini of Hartenziel


Nyx is Rookie's daughter from his litter with Bea. She is Drake's litter sister. This girl is just full of character, so funny and loving. She is a real joy to live with, but can be a little more sensitive than her brother and dad. She has a beautiful, friendly and sweet temperament but is really more interested in hunting and running than paying attention anyone else when out and about! She loves having dogs come to stay with us; everyone is a playmate to her.

She has drive by the bucketload and keeps me on my toes, but I adore her goofy, happy character. She loves her home comforts; of an evening she likes nothing more than planting herself on my lap on the sofa, and if I'm not careful she will try to worm her way under the covers in bed at night too.

Nyx has taken a back seat to her brother in showing (click here for Nyx's show results) and working, and she is going to take more time than him to come together, I am sure, but I've been very pleased with her and throws herself into anything we try.


The Large Münsterländer is tested for a few health conditions, especially if being bred from. These include hip and elbow scoring, HUU (hyperuricosuria) testing and annual eye tests for hereditary caratacts.

Nyx's results are listed here:

Hips : 0/0=0

Elbows: 0/0=0

HUU: Clear

BHFD: Normal

Eyes: HC Unaffected October 2017

Nyx's Estimated Breeding Value for hips is excellent (-101); far below the breed average with a high degree of confidence (80%).


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