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Tectona Grand Sunrise A. Ex.


I was so very lucky to get Teak to 17 years old; 17 adventure and snack filled years.


Teak was a rescue dog, who I got from South West Golden Retriever Rescue at 1 year old. She had a fun-filled and successful "career" in competitive obedience. She took me from the bottom level up through three classes, and had one class A win as well as many places. I'm very proud of her. Teak was the perfect dog for a newbie to learn their craft with; so forgiving of all of my flaws as a trainer, and always willing to try to please. She was a stylish heelwork dog without being exaggerated at all. We loved playing obedience together.


Teak was never the easiest dog socially, but thankfully would never look for trouble and had that typical happy-go-lucky goldie attitude to life.

My most memorable experience with Teak was qualifying for the ABC Final in Stockport where she went on to work her heart out for me and won the class out of a huge entry of 78 dogs. Teak also won Highest Placed Gundog in Show at Worcester two years running and was the Highest Placed Novice Gundog at Cwmbran.

Teak competed as part of the Western Team in the Inter-regional obedience competition at Crufts twice, against the other regions of the UK. She loved Crufts.

Teak was the winner of the YKC Rebecca Pointer Award at Crufts 2012 for the most points gained at obedience shows. In this year, she also qualified for and competed in the Graduate Obedience class at Crufts where she was placed third.


Teak achieved her Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Most importantly of all, she was a loyal and loving companion, and her absence has left a huge hole. I miss her so very much and am so grateful for all she taught me and all the adventures she took me on. RIP Piggy x

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