Callixus Plutus - Granny Duties

In December 2019 I received a sad phone call from one of the owners of a Rookie pup saying they couldn't manage him anymore. He had been well loved, but not had the input training wise that he needed, had been able to run riot for the previous 12 months, and his owners could not work with him. I am grateful that his owners did right by him and got in touch. I ended up travelling to collect him there and then and arriving home at midnight and just hoping that he would fit in with my lot (minus Teak who was locked away to start with....). I already have 4 entire males and none of this lot had ever met before, I knew the last litter had nice natures but Dudley has always been an only dog, is prime hormonal teenager age, and it's not ideal arriving back at midnight and not being able to take them for a walk to meet under less pressure than being shoved in a tiny house together.

I was relieved (and a little bit proud) that everyone was really happy to see each other and they refused to stop playing until about 2am. Which I was obviously delighted with having been driving all day......

Dudley desperately needed to gain some weight; I like skinny puppies/youngsters but he was too much for me.

He was unsettled with my routine for a while, but soon he started to get the hang of things and has loved playing with his family every day. I got 4kg on him in the first few weeks and he looked lovely for it. I won't pretend to be some great trainer, because I'm not, in fact I'm a very lazy dog trainer, but I have been exceptionally proud of how he's come on with the little bits of work I've put in with him; it's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a dog owner.

Dudley has the sweetest nature and is an utter dork. He still has a way to go but I am so proud of him. I just wanted to add some photos of the last few months of having him here.

The first photo is recent, the second is from shortly after he arrived. Looking so much better!

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