Callixus Delphinius - Teasel

May 14, 2018

I got to meet up with one of Rookie's pups yesterday, she is Drake and Nyx's sister. I was so impressed with her, such a lovely, lovely girl with the sweetest, happiest nature. Like Drake she is hard to photograph well and to see her in the flesh for the first time since she was about 6 weeks old was so nice. Nyx was pleased to see her sister, before she just took off running into her own little world like she likes to do. Rookie and Drake were also delighted to see her; Teasel is in season. She was very patient with their inappropriate advances! She is the kind of dog that is just a pleasure to watch covering ground; makes everything look effortless.


They ran (and did some excellent bog diving) for a couple of hours in the sun. Happy munsters.


It was a long day but I'm so pleased they all came down to see us. Really proud of this sweet, pretty girl and thankful to her super mum for doing such a fabulous job with her.


Callixus Delphinius - Teasel

Hips: 3/4=7

Elbows: 0

HUU: Clear

Eyes: HC Unaffected





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