End of the Season & A Training Day

February 15, 2018

The shooting season has ended for us now, and it's been an interesting one. I brought Drake out for about three shoots for short bursts. He's such a laid back dog that I felt it would do him good, and it seemed to work well for him. He's been kind and respectful to other dogs, and taken everything in his stride in the usual Drake fashion. He had a few nice retrieves off of his father's hard work, which Rookie has not protested too strongly about, though he is keen to retrieve he has learnt to hold his sit for Drake to retrieve and followed him back in with it. It's all been a learning curve to me as a newbie to the game; I've spent the last few seasons learning about most things from scratch and understanding Rookie, it's been funny bringing a whole other element in with two dogs, but they seem to work really nicely together so far. Lots to learn still, and lots to work on, but a nice start. I just totally love their relationship. 


Rookie started the season by headplanting a rock after a pricked bird and we had to cut the day short. Fortunately he was ok. He's been his usual dependable self otherwise. The goofy entertainer during breaks, a thoughtful and tenacious hunter in the field.

Nyx has hunt drive coming out of her ears so she will be slower to introduce. She was allowed one retrieve on a pheasant on our last shoot and it didn't seem to blow her mind; she was much calmer and more focused than I'd expected. But she takes more handling than the boys, she's so quick.


Overall a pleasing, if short season. I work Saturdays now, so we are limited, but make the most of it when we get out.


Some photos of working and training this season.



 We also had an obedience training day last weekend, the dogs enjoyed themselves. 










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