Drake’s X-Rays

Absolutely thrilled to have received Drake’s hip and elbow scores back from the BVA, and it is another clean sweep:-

Callixus Ursa of Hartenziel

Hips: 0/0=0

Elbows: 0/0=0

HUU: Clear

Eyes: HC Unaffected

Just feeling very, very proud, both as their owner and the owner of their father.

Genetics play a decent role in joint health, but so does appropriate exercise and nutrition- things I have been conscious of throughout their development, and something I feel very strongly about. There are no guarantees in this life, but Bea and Rookie are pretty safe bets as far as joint health in their pedigrees. I am so pleased to be reaping the benefits provided by this coupling along with sensible exercise (well, as much as I could control; they have always made far too many kamikaze jumps for my liking) and a good diet.

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