It's That Time Again

Lots has been going on recently. Had a couple of shows. Drake was 2nd & RBOB at Okehampton Open Show, 2nd Puppy and BD at GSoW.

Also just had our first trip out for the season. Somewhat brief due to storm Ophelia coming in and Rookie running into a rock! But I decided to take Drake along for a short while. I wanted to see what I really had with him. He is a little too laid back in training so I wanted to get him out on the real thing. It worked well for him; he was calm, patient and quiet watching his dad work, respectful of the other dogs, took everything in his stride. So proud of him. I held Rookie on his sit to flush and allowed Drake the retrieve on partridge. He skipped out, picked it, returned it sensibly and gave it up gently. Over the moon with him. Baby steps but he certainly has the desire. Rookie was a joy as always.

Otherwise, we've had some nice walks and all is well, nothing very exciting to add!

We also met a friend and her munsterlanders for a walk. Dogs really enjoyed themselves.

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