6 Months Old

The pups are now 6 months old. A few weeks ago we attended a little family dog show and popped in to see mum Bea and her family. Bea was delighted to see them all again. Such a sweet girl.

The pups are doing brilliantly. Drake is such a sweet, calm, biddable boy, Nyx is so loving but much too intelligent! She is just bordering on hitting the defiance stage, and has realised there is an alternative to whatever I ask her for! Back to puppy basics for now. She is a super sports prospect.

Both pups had their first go at blood tracking a couple of days ago. I laid a track which was actually far too long and difficult for baby puppies who had never done anything before but they were both superb. I will post a video soon. Both pups tracked for 4 mins non stop and found the deer with no trouble. Drake was so thorough and consistent, so impressed with him. Nyx needed a little more confidence but once she completed the first leg we were full steam ahead and she tracked with commitment and drive.

Monty (was Buster) is doing well and has outgrown his cocker 'brothers'. When he's not stealing his dad's seat on the sofa at home he is looking forward to a future of being a speedy canicross dog. Love his head, he is just so like my boy in the face.

Click to enlarge images.

Peia (was Blaze) has already been a bit of a globe trotter and is sunning it up in the Med. She is another clever thing and is training to be a working gundog. She is a big sturdy girl, and quite the charmer I'm told.

Bobby is training up nicely in his new home. He's into everything and very keen to learn. So pleased to have this special boy in a home where he will be valued as a working gundog, it really broke me to let him go!

Teasel (was Bella) is looking so grown up now too. Such a pretty face. She is enjoying life running riot with her LM 'sister'; they are both owned by a friend of mine and it makes me very happy to see her enjoying such a varied and fulfilled life.

Pip (was Bibi) is progressing really well with her gundog training. She is another who is hoping to become a working gundog, and again I'm so lucky that another of Rookie's babies is so loved and with such a thoughtful trainer. Pip has always been Bea's little doppleganger, and by the sound of things she also has her hunt drive! Loving hearing about her progress in training.

And onto these two nutters.

Nyknak, she makes me laugh every day, bags of character just like her dad, but much more intelligent - not an easy combination! But she is the most loving thing. She is like a little sponge and just wants to be learning and doing things. Love her. I will miss her when she goes.

And the main man himself, Drake, aka Dreidel! He just has the biggest heart and the most innocent and loving nature. So different to Rookie but in really lovely ways. Just adore him, he is the biggest, sweetest, goofiest thing.

Very proud of these pups and the cheeky, well adjusted, loving, intelligent, driven dogs they are becoming.

Any other business..... My oldies are getting older, which isn't very nice. Teak is going to have an old lady MOT next week as I'm just not sure she's totally right. Riki is just Riki, my quirky, silly boy. And Rookie, well he's just Rookie :) He had a blast going over the blood track I had laid for the pups, though he did it in half the time and almost gave me heart failure trying to keep up with him.

Will post tracking videos soon!

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