4 Months Old

The pups are now four and a half months old. I so enjoy having them around, it can be hard work at times with two of them, but it's been lovely watching them develop. I have put small measures in place which I think have helped, so far, in stopping them from becoming too attached; they sleep in separate rooms, and they are also separate in the van and cannot see each other. They do walk together sometimes, but I do their training separately. I also do plenty of one to one walks with them. So far they love each other's company, and will play a lot, but they are very comfortable being apart and don't stress or look for one another.

Drake is a kind and sweet soul, very gentle and biddable. His eye has healed relatively well, though as he is growing it is doing some strange things. He's a real joy, so easy.

Nyx is quick! In every sense of the word. So clever and keen to learn. And so speedy! She is already proving to be quite a birdy girl; whereas Drake is steadier and more thoughtful, Nyx is quite a natural kind of dog.

Rookie has been absolutely brilliant, and I can't believe the amount of patience he's had from day one. They terrorise him. I protect him as much as I can but he is so tolerant. And he is a perfect playmate. I didn't think I could love him more until he showed me what an amazing dad and friend he could be to these pups.

Riki is constantly offended by their existence, but is learning that they won't hurt him. Teak has moments of wanting to play, and moments of murderous thoughts, but on the whole she's being very good. They all live together and share the same space well anyway, pups are learning to be respectful of others' space.

Feedback from the puppy owners has been great; I am so proud of these pups, and of their owners and their dedication. This breed needs direction from an early age, and they are off to a good start.

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