Lots going on here at the moment. The shooting season has begun; Rookie had his first trip out and was a superstar, really promising start for the year.

Bea is expanding as the days go by, I hear she's doing well. Really can't wait to see her again, time seems to be standing still some days, I can't believe she is only 5 weeks pregnant.

Bea starting to bloom

We still have the lovely Baloo staying for his holidays, been nearly three weeks now. He's keeping me on my toes with his antics.... Fortunately what he lacks in brains and manners he makes up for in good nature and handsomeness!! It's like having a couple of toddlers in the house with him and Rookie, Teak and Riki are quite disgusted, but always seem to tolerate him well.

My laptop has died a death, along with a lot of my photos. Once I get them off I will post some from the dogpark with Baloo.

The other exciting thing happening is that I have just finished my training to become a Canine Hydrotherapist and have started working in a centre. Still early days, but I am loving working with super people in a job I love and hope I can make a difference. Feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity.

Just a few pics from a recent walk.

#puppies #bea #hunting #baloo

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