Piglet's Birthday

Teak recently turned 11 years old. Such a special girl, but she's not had an easy couple of months. For the 10 years or so I've had her she's had maybe three or four trips to the vet. I've been incredibly lucky with her. But recently, she's been plagued with hotspots for the first time, and then I found a lump on her tummy. She had it removed by my wonderful vet, and it was found to be a plasmacytoma.

We then had to go away for a week as I am training for a new job, and Teak somehow managed to split her stitches. That meant another trip to a strange vet (I'm very fussy and annoying) for another anesthetic and a restitch. It was so frustrating as it was healing so well. I am kicking myself for getting complacent with it. But she is now all healed up.

Teak after her second anesthetic!!

After a couple of weeks of feeling positive, I noticed another hotspot a few days ago, and last night another. On giving her a good going over I found another lump.

Looks like we are back to the vet tomorrow. I just hate them getting older, when things start going wrong. They are all so precious. But there is something extra special about the oldies.

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