A Couple of Shows, Work and WORK!

We've been busy bees lately. A few obedience shows, a couple breed shows, and lots of other things.

This year I decided to do Paignton and Bournemouth Championship shows with Rookie. Both shows were unbearably hot.

Paignton is only about 45 mins for us so a relaxed nip up the road. Well, not so much relaxed, I still have not got the hang of showing and still don't know why I put myself through the nerves! But my boy was fab.

Rookie took 2nd in Limit Dog to the DCC winner. He was such a good boy and I was proud as always to spend the day showing the super chap off. This place qualifies him for Crufts 2017.

The following week we picked up my friend and her gorgeous boy Baloo the toller (Born to Run for Valsannra) and headed to Bournemouth Championship Show. It was absolutely scorching hot and the layout and setup of Bournemouth show made it difficult to arrange the day. I have to take the other dogs with me to shows, but I had to keep a check on them and could not take a dog in and out of the showground. So I was back and forth to the van all morning. The van was much cooler than standing out in the sun, I was tempted to crawl into a cage myself.

Eventually it was getting on for munster time and Rookie was entered in Limit Dog again. He won the class, but the heat really affected him and I don't feel he showed very well. Our judge was very accommodating and moved us minimally, but my boy just does not do heat to that extreme. In the challenge for best dog he was all shown out! But he tried, and was once again a pleasure to be with, which is all you can ask really.

We went to watch Baloo in the ring and he went brilliantly and was well placed in his classes and qualified for Crufts 2017. Such a lovely, handsome boy, Rookie sure does keep good company.

It was a super day, but I was very glad to get home and in the cool.

Rookie and Baloo with their spoils

Rookie with his rosette

In other news, had a little hiccup with Teak. She has had a lump come up, so that's being removed next week for histology. Bit worrying but hopefully it won't be anything too sinister. Hate it when they get older and start having these little niggles. She's such a sweet thing. She might be a grump with dogs but she couldn't be better with people, and loved being poked and prodded and fussed by our wonderful vet.

We have had some dogsitting fun, most notably a lovely flatcoat who is obsessed with Rookie.

A few pics of some recent walks:

The working season is just around the corner, though we have been slacking on the training since Rookie had a nasty attack. He recovered well, but it has shaken my confidence. Hopefully he will still be a good boy for the guns. I'm sure he'll enjoy his days out anyway.

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