Socialising and Decorating

Just thought I would post a few photos up. I don't have much interesting to add here at the moment; very busy with sorting the house out and not much else!

I had a trip up to Cheshire since my last update too for a photography session with an amazing dog photographer. (I'll post some pics on a separate post).

Rookie Bear has been a social butterfly as well. On our way back we managed to stop in to meet Ebby (Crumpsbrook Rather Radiant) who is such a beautiful, talented and special girl; one of my favourite munster girlies. Rookie and Ebby hit it off immediately and had a big play around the garden. It proved very difficult getting a photo of them sat together!

Rookie and Ebby

After we left Ebby we made our way to Monmouth to finally get Rookie together with his half sister Uma (Seahaven Bouquet of Roses) for the first time. It was just amazing getting these two together- they are just so alike in every way. Their mannerisms, looks, the way they hold themselves. Just brilliant. Uma is such a wonderful, kind girl and accepted Rookie into her home with the two springer spaniels with pleasure. We took photos of them laying on a bed together and Uma deliberately leaned in to Rookie, it was so sweet. I feel so lucky to have a Maddie baby, she truly has produced some beautiful characters.

It was getting dark by the time we got out for out walk - this was the best I could do!

The only show we've been to was Devon County Show where Rookie placed Reserve in his class. I would like to say he showed like a pro but frankly he was an embarrassment since one of the munsters he spends a lot of time with at shows was in season! He tried his best to serenade her but it didn't get him anywhere.

We did get to meet his cousin, Meg, (Kamaze Logi's Spirit AI) for the first time though. She's a very pretty girl and moves like a dream. Still a baby, but a really lovely girl.

Rookie and Meg

Rookie with his prize card

New flattie friend Rowan. There's a sister Nina somewhere too, off hunting somewhere probably :)

Rookie at home in the garden on woodpigeon duty- before he chucked all his coat!! Currently rather whippet-esque.

Hoping that Rookie will soon have an off-season job! Watch this space :)

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