End of the Season, Family, and Training Days!

Ooh it's been a busier time than I'd realised.

The shooting season came to an end a few weeks ago. I've been so pleased with Rookie this season, he has really matured. He is so keen and strong, I had to reel him in a little at the beginning of the season but he steadied up as it went on and the amount of game around became less. One of the best moments we had was being out with some new guns and someone asking to 'have a go' with him after another gun had been singing his praises. He wound up saying 'I like that dog, he gives me half a chance'; he enjoyed shooting over an HPR, and Rookie was on form. But the biggest compliment of all, to me, is to be asked back every time.

Still things to work on for next season but really plenty to be pleased with. So much stronger than last year. I'd love to take the credit for hard training but he really is a natural. Very excited to get back out with him, I wish it wasn't so far away.

Rookie's second ever duck


The OAPs (Teak and Riki) are really well, but a bit fed up with all the rain and mud.

Rookie's sister also came down this way on holiday and we had a couple of lovely walks. They love getting together again.

Megane with big bro Rookie

We also attended the SWCOG Competitive Obedience training day. Rookie lost his head at the end of last obedience season when Lake came into season. I've barely touched him over winter as any time I've had to train has been spent on gundog stuff. We weren't there for very long, but I brought him into the arena and he was absolutely brilliant. He's spent all winter being made to concentrate out shooting, which is easy when there are birds to find, and being allowed to fraternise freely with all of the dogs at breed shows. I was expecting him to be a tart, but he was so attentive and drivey. I am on the committee for SWCOG and at the end we had committee photos with our dogs. THAT is when he decided to forget all obedience :)

Hopefully there will be more photos to follow from the photographer but here is one of him doing heelwork. Not much but training, long walks, and a LOT of DIY at home to be doing over the next couple of months until obedience starts up again.

Photos below by Keith Storer

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