And we're off!

October 25, 2015

The hunting season has begun. We had a brilliant time out for the start of the season. Rookie was a little wild to begin with as he had been shut up for the morning in the van whilst I stewarded at a dog show. As soon as I could, I zoomed off to meet the guns.




After a manic start I discovered I couldn't use the new 210.5 whistle that I'd brought, instead of the 211.5 I usually have, quite so effectively. So not only was my dog a little wild but I couldn't get a stop whistle out if I wanted to! Must practise with both. We settled into things and I had some lovely hunting from Rookie. He held a strong point on a pheasant and waited nicely for the release.




The cock pheasant fell in heavy cover but that's no match for a munster on a mission, and Rookie dived in and after a thorough search returned triumphant, if looking a little dishevelled.





His partridge retrieve was much more straight forward.



We've also been enjoying a nice 'red' streak at shows, but more important than the bits of ribbon he has been showing so well lately. Really pleased with him.​




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