Paignton and Bournemouth

Rookie and I have ventured to a couple of champ shows over the last week or so.

First was Paignton Championship Show. The weather was perfect, and it was lovely to see everyone again. Being in the South West and so far from most of the shows, I rarely get to catch up with the munster crew, but there were lots of familiar faces, and Rookie loved seeing everyone and meeting some new munsters.

He was a good boy and took 2nd in his class to a really mature boy, so I was very pleased with that.

Then the inevitable happened; our bitch has come into season. We have two entire boys, and last time Tor went loopy and Rookie was fairly chilled about the whole affair until she was 'ready'. This time I think he knows what's coming and he is already fancying his chances.

The boys will stay together now for everything- helpful in maintaining their relationships through this tricky time and preventing any unwanted pups. Our boys get along really well; they have never so much as exchanged a cross glance even through Lake's first season, and we are hopeful that this will continue. Very proud of them. We don't have a huge place, and with five dogs it does take a bit of juggling at times like this, but it helps that they're pretty cooperative. However they are but warm blooded beasts and must be forgiven for their brains turning a bit mushy!

So with all of this fun going on, Rookie and I headed to Bournemouth Championship Show for the first time. It was SO hot, unbearable at times, and with no shade around the rings the dogs got a bit fed up quite quickly.

Slightly unsurprisingly, Rookie had girls on the brain and did struggle to show off to his potential in the ring, as the floor smelled so good and his munster girlfriend Bea, who had also just come out of season, was in attendance! But he did 'OK' considering hormones were in overdrive, our judge was lovely and patient, and Rookie won his class and took Reserve Best Dog. Once again he was an absolute pleasure to have with me, despite being the world's biggest flirt. A really fabulous social day out catching up with people.

Our lovely boys

Tor (Tor of Plasmajors) and Rookie (Seahaven's Celtic Commander of Hartenziel)

We have seen a fair bit of my nephew lately. There are only two months between him and Rookie in age, so they are 'growing up' together. Ruben loves Rookie and Rookie absolutely loves it when Ruben comes to see him. Teak also loves him, but I think she sees him more as access to food (crumbs on the floor)! She is a sensitive soul, so I have to watch he doesn't get too full on with them, but he is pretty sensible (so far!). My brother is now expecting twins, I don't know how Rookie is going to manage having three 'cousins' to entertain!

No shows or anything for a few weeks now, Rookie is going to get lots of tracking training to try to channel his extra manly energy!

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