Open Shows and SWCOG

It's getting to that busy time of year again, obedience shows are just around the corner. South West Competitive Obedience Group held our training day which, again, this year was well supported and was a huge success. Brilliant to see dogs being rewarded in the ring and some really effective, motivational training going on.

Rookie had girls on the brain for our AM session, or maybe it was puppy brain from being allowed to play with a Portuguese water dog and golden retriever puppy just before we went in the ring!! Either way, it wasn't our best training, but thankfully by the afternoon he had settled and I got some really nice work out of him. He was so pleased to see everyone again! It has been a long winter.

I hadn't seen most of the people since losing Chili, but thankfully they all seemed to know. The hardest part was cuddling with Chili's best friend, Amber.

Teak had the day off. She has really slowed down lately and has become, shall we say, a bit of a free spirit?!?! Which is polite talk for 'not listening to much I say anymore'! I will take her into the ring this year and see what she wants to do, I think retirement is on the horizon but if she still enjoys herself I will still enter her.

Rookie has had two open shows recently and won his class and took Best of Breed at both. I was really happy with his performance at both. Results are here.

First obedience show of the season in just over a week, I am judging one day and competing the other. My most local show, so easing back into it :-)

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