Hips Scores and Trials Training

Well, first and foremost, Rookie's hip and elbow scores are in and they're great! Hips 3/3 elbows 0. Well below the breed average, and joints I am happy to put over a 6ft scale.

Which leads me nicely onto his working trials training. Rookie has had his first proper lesson, in which we covered tracking and sendaways. He is a natural at tracking and we were able to push him on quite quickly. He did several tracks with the wind behind him, and I have since tracked him into the wind and he has not put a paw wrong once. Really amazing to watch, and a real thrill to be holding the line behind him, letting him work the track.

rookie tracking.jpg

Sendaways went well too, and we are now up to around 70 paces.

Next lesson we will be covering jumping and search squares.

I may have found his forte, as he was almost constantly pushing me to work him when he had free run of the paddock. Today is the first day that I've had time to train but haven't trained! I don't want to overdo it with him but I'm so enjoying it.

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