Paignton Championship Show 2013

Completely amazing round from Teak at Paignton. Exactly what I wanted, followed by a lovely scent. Sadly not to the judge's taste today but that's ok! I was still very pleased.

Paignton is primarily a breed champ show, so Rookie was entered in post grad. He behaved brilliantly, stacked well and took 2nd in a class of older, more mature dogs. Really pleased with him!


Rookie and his gorgeous half neice, Seahaven Olympic Vindicat, AKA Libby!


The Seahaven Family at Paignton 2013. Rookie, mum Maddie, half sister Trio and her daughter Libby.


Rookie with his incredibly special mum, Paddockridge Madelaine at Seahaven, AKA Maddie.

#champshow #paignton #dogshow #libby #seahaven

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