Seahaven's Celtic Commander of Hartenziel

Rookie is a 7 year old Large Münsterländer. He is a huge character, the sweetest, cuddliest boy with the most fantastic outgoing, sociable and kind nature. He is my introduction into the wonderful world of münsters, and what an intro. He has turned his paw to gundog work, showing, obedience and trials work so far and will give anything a go! More importantly than any of this he is so incredibly special to me. He is the best companion I could hope for and fits into our two and four legged family perfectly. He also joins me out with the different dogs I walk each day, and is a popular playmate amongst them. He is a massive clown, bursting at the seams with personality, and makes me laugh most of the day! His kind, sunny disposition is infectious.


Through Rookie I have been fortunate to meet some amazing friends both in the breed and across the disciplines I hadn't dabbled in before, not least his fab breeder who I have a lot to thank for.

Rookie has been lightly shown.


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Rookie has turned his paw to competitive obedience, working trials, tracking including a great day deer blood tracking with the BMHS of GB. He is a very impressive tracking dog, and it is easily my favourite activity to share with him. The thrill of hitting articles or the end of a track, when you are cluelessly following an invisible pattern, trusting your dog, is like nothing else. A close second would be his flashy, stylish heelwork, but he will basically throw himself into any activity with flair, sometimes a little too much flair!

At two years old, Rookie also made the transition into capable working gundog. He has worked on pheasants, partridge, ducks, pigeons and also picked the odd rabbit whilst out rough shooting.  I don't know an awful lot about HPR training, so aside from basic obedience training on steadiness and retrieve, I've been really impressed by his natural ability. He is a strong hunter and I love watching him do what he was made for. There are few things more impressive than watching a dog do what's in its blood, be it gundog, herding dog etc.

Deer tracking
End of the Day
Pheasant retrieve
Pheasant retrieve
At the end of the track
Melanistic hen
Pheasant retrieve
Pheasant retrieve
Duck retrieve
Duck retrieve
Good boy
First Duck
On Point
On Point
Out Shooting
Pheasant retrieve

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The Large Münsterländer is tested for a few health conditions, especially if being bred from. These include hip and elbow scoring, HUU (hyperuricosuria) testing and annual eye tests for hereditary caratacts. Breed average is currently 8 (total score) for hips.


Rookie's results:


Hips: 3/3=6

Elbows: 0/0=0

HUU: Clear

Eyes: HC Unaffected (December 2017)

Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia: Normal

Coat Colour: BB KBN AYAT

Rookie's Estimated Breeding Value for hips is below the breed average (-22) with a high degree of confidence (83%).


Rookie has produced two lovely litters of puppies that I'm very proud of.

I have a son and daughter of his who are as full of character and as sweet natured as he is.

Progeny Health Tests

Callixus Delphinius: Hips 3/4=7, Elbows 0, HUU Clear,  HC Unaffected July '18

Callixus Ursa of Hartenziel: Hips 0/0=0, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Feb '19

Callixus Gemini of Hartenziel: Hips 0/0=0, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Oct '17

Callixus Hercules: Hips 0/0=0, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Nov '18

Callixus Aquarius: Hips 2/2=2, Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Unaffected Aug '19

Callixus Athena For Mallingdown: HUU Clear, HC Unaffected July '19

Though we still hope to attend the odd breed show here and there, he is at the stage now where I can begin to take his working 'career' a bit more seriously (well, as serious as you can take anything with a munster) so our weekends are mostly spent in wet, muddy fields instead. This is much more my comfort zone, as well.

Rookie has achieved his Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and Silver awards. 

In The Show Ring

In The Field

Rookie has been a regular visitor of a local care home, where he laps up the attention of the elderly and infirm residents. These are some of my proudest moments with him, his kind, gentle, loving nature shines through and he usually manages to do something daft to give them a good laugh at the same time.


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