Pippa x August 

Pippa is the litter sister of Drake and Nyx. She is a happy, healthy, typical munster who is an affectionate clown at home, and active and light on her toes out and about. She is primarily a family pet but also gets to spend some time picking up. She has a friendly and trustworthy temperament with people and other dogs.


After a long search with a long checklist for a stud dog who possesses the qualities I value the most, I am so pleased to confirm that the chosen stud dog for our litter is August vom Oestricher Holz.


August is a compact dog of good substance and type. Like Pip, he is primarily a family pet with a friendly, outgoing but calm nature with that little bit of clown that I so love. August has some impressive results in the show ring and in the field. He is extensively health tested with excellent results. August has been chosen for his complimentary structure and temperament as well as his working ability.


From this combination I am hoping for good natured active family pets and good sporting prospects. Both parents have excellent hip and elbow scores, and puppies cannot be affected by BHFD or HUU. 


Please get in touch to find out more.

Callixus Aquarius

Pip and mum Bea

Callixus Aquarius


Hips: 2/2

Elbows: 0

Eyes: HC Unaffected

HUU: Clear

BHFD: Normal

August vom Oestricher Holz


August vom Oestricher Holz




Elbows: 0

Shoulders: 0

Eyes: HC Unaffected

HUU: Carrier


In the show ring:

GMVB 2018 - Best Puppy

Mechelen 2018- BOB

GMVB 2019 - BOB


In the field:

VJP 62 points

Aanlegproef NGMV: ZG 124 points

Aanlegproef GMVB: ZG 111.25 points


Sint Huberus Foundation’s Temperament Test: Pass

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