In 2012, after some strange neurologial symptoms, Chili was sent for an MRI where very sadly she was diagnosed with a brain tumour (meningioma). She was only 10 years old, which was no age for me to be facing losing her. Surgery was not an option because of the size and placement, and I did not want to put her through radiation therapy with her temperament as it was when I weighed it up against the minimal extension to life it offered. 

Chili started on prednisolone and we just had to wait and see. In the mean time I decided to try my luck contacting holistic vet Nick Thompson. Chili travelled to meet Nick in Bath and we started on CV247- a holistic cancer therapy, reishi and apocaps.


I was extremely lucky to have a fantastic network of vets and nurses etc. surrounding us, and I had the most amazing further 14 months with my girl, on paper she should have had much, much less. We crammed so much life into those 14 months, visiting new places, having beautiful walks in the Devonshire countryside every day, eating the best, rainy walks followed by a bone by the fire followed by a cuddle on the sofa. She slept on my bed, came to work with me, basically totally took over my life even more than they did before.


Chili was helped to the bridge in December 2014, I miss her terribly, but have so many fond, happy memories to look back on. She taught me more in her time on this Earth than any book or lesson. I will always be grateful for my sweet Chili chops for that.



Chili was my first dog; a border collie from a farm in Devon. She ruled our pack with an iron fist until the day she died. Although my inexperience didn't help matters, Chili, being so poorly bred,  did not have a very good temperament and was retired from obedience very young as the environment was too stressful for her. She did get to Crufts in the YKC obedience one year, and had a fun time at shows playing away from the rings, and socialising with her select few friends.


At home, she was a very loving and sweet girl, crazy about playing ball, and taking her rightful place on the sofa or my bed. She was a fantastic teacher to Rookie as a puppy, keeping him in check, and regularly 'insisted' he played with her! 

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